• Diogo Rodrigues

Will we start to see the beginning of the end for some local sports clubs?

Local community sports groups around the country have had to cancel all of their operations just like many other organisations.

For most local sports clubs, match days are a huge income source which helps the club to pay their rent, bills, maintenance etc. But with clubs no longer making any income from match days and little financial relief on the way, should we be somewhat concerned about the future of these very sports groups which, in normal times, add so much life to our communities.

It may be difficult to see beyond this difficult coronavirus period but there is a future when we will go back to some sort of normality. When the time comes, we’ll want to enjoy going to the local town football, rugby or cricket match and cheer on our teams once more.

But part of me worries for the future of these clubs and makes me wonder. With no income and little financial help on the way, will they be able to hold out until they can reopen their gates and allow us to enjoy their games once more? If this lockdown goes on for too long, will we start to see the beginning of the end for some local sports clubs?

I had a chat with Bob Buckingham from Bridgwater Town Football Club to talk about the future of the club and what they are doing to ensure the club is able to open its doors for us when the time comes.

The club is looking to raise some money and some more information about this is in the link below 👇🏼

(Any other local sports club with a donation page can contact me and I’ll happily share it too)


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