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Today I resigned as a member of the Labour Party.

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Before any rumours start spreading or lies start being spouted I want to let you know - Today I resigned as a member of the Labour Party, I will continue to serve my area as an Independent Councillor

Read my letter of resignation below.

I have been a loyal flag flyer and committed member of the Labour party with its clear principles of fairness, equality and opportunity for all – but for some time I have felt myself feeling more and more disenfranchised and disconnected from the Party.

The result of the EU referendum was not the result I wanted but I strongly believe that the result must be respected and delivered, otherwise we are turning against democracy. The Labour party has for too long squabbled on this issue – with many Labour parliamentarians openly arguing against the democratic result and pushing to overturn it. (Tom Watsons recent interventions are most unacceptable.) I find myself feeling too uncomfortable with this, fed up of the internal battle and I also question what, therefore, the point of democracy is.

Although having accepted the result of the referendum and having promised to deliver it, the Labour Party has not conveyed a strong and positive message about the future of the UK post-Brexit, instead conveying a message more on the lines of damage limitation, and I believe this is one of its biggest downfalls.

The party has been fighting an antisemitism crisis for too long and the Labour party is now, in my view, tainted by this. I do not feel comfortable being part of a party which comes across as not having taken this form of racism seriously enough.

The party seems to be in a mess, factions battling against democracy, struggling to convey a clear message, fighting with itself and as a result failing in its leadership. Because of this, at this moment, I feel I have been pushed away and can no longer be part of the Labour Party and, with a heavy heart and after much thought, I issue to you this as my resignation as a member

Let there be no doubt that the Tory Party, mired in Islamophobia, are also in a mess, a much bigger mess than the Labour Party. And the UK with Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson as prime minister is a great risk to ordinary people across the country and either of them will simply drag our communities down to its knees.

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