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  • Diogo Rodrigues

Guess who’s back...

I took a bit of a break from posting on social media over the last couple of months but hey...I’m back! It’s given me some time to reflect on the last year or so, the ups and the downs and all that in between.

One of the things I loved most during my time as Mayor of this great Town was meeting volunteers, voluntary groups, shop owners and key figures of the town and creating video content promoting them and their work - allowing anyone with access to social media to get to know a bit more about the goings on of the town and helping to build a stronger sense of community.

So, I ask myself, why not do just that?!

If you’re in a local group, or know of a local group, that wants to be recognised, or if you want to raise awareness of a local cause then send me a message and we’ll get the ball rolling 😊

Otherwise keep your eyes peeled for the first instalment of ‘THIS IS BRIDGWATER’