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  • Diogo Rodrigues

Change is coming.

I’ve had the pleasure to serve as a Town councillor and most recently as the Mayor of our diverse Town. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people from so many backgrounds, all with their own stories, beliefs and passions. It has put me in a position to better understand the troubles that some people face, the struggles some have to endure, and the discontent and lack of trust that many have in our political system, both nationally and locally. Largely, I find myself sharing common ground with these people.

We have an MP who doesn’t engage with the very people that voted for him. An MP who instead of visiting people and groups in our town and listening to what we have to say, is more interested in concentrating his efforts on the condition of Taunton high street and the crime levels within it - reminder, he does not represent Taunton! Not to mention the cuts that his government have made which has divided communities and led to increased poverty, homelessness and food bank usage in our towns.

We have an administration at County Council which has failed our schools, parents and young people, failed the elderly in need of care, closed down youth centres, closed down libraries and been the architects of the largest traffic headache Bridgwater has ever seen. Failing to adequately consult the people they represent.

We have an administration at District Council who have sat idly whilst locals are priced out of their towns, more willing to hand out a half a million pound bailout to big business rather than investing in a housing strategy which delivers for the people. One which has failed to deal with the causes of crime in our towns, stood by whilst youth services close, carers support diminish and town centres fall behind. Failing to adequately consult the people they represent.

It’s about time someone calls it out for what it is, a failure. We have been failed by the self interests of ruling politicians and we have every right to be frustrated by it.

We need a council which will act in the interests of the people. A council which actively engages and honestly listens to people and one which truly represents and delivers for the needs of it’s people.

You will soon have the choice to either make a change or continue with the same failed politics. I say that change is coming.

Register to vote. www.gov.uk/register-to-vote