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  • Diogo Rodrigues

Bridgwater’s Economy is ‘Booming’… so they say 🏗

Bridgwater is home to the largest construction site in Europe, Hinkley. It is bringing jobs and inward investment into our town and we are told that the economy is ‘booming’ as a result. Hinkley is doing wonders for our town, so they say.

This frustrates me, and it frustrates me because when you talk to people, listen to people’s comments and engage in conversation, the effects of this booming economy aren’t being felt by ordinary people.

Take Bridgwater foodbank for example, once upon a time the main reason for people using the foodbank was because people were being left without money because of Universal Credit. Now one of the main reasons is because people haven’t got enough money to cover their rent, this because of the rising cost of rent in the area due to the amount of people coming to work for Hinkley putting pressure on the housing market. It’s also inflating house prices which perhaps is great for homeowners but not so great for potential buyers. If you own your own home and have any ambition of your children owning their own, then this low wage - high cost of living ‘booming’ economy is basically making that ambition more and more achievable.

Roadworks. Roadworks. Roadworks. Left right and centre, everywhere you turn there seems to be roadworks going on. Causing traffic and stress. A journey that would once take 10 minutes could now take you at least 30 minutes. More people coming into our town means more cars. The roads in our town were widened to make the flow of traffic easier for lorries coming through for Hinkley – Bridgwater Town Council demanded a bypass be built but that was rejected. Now we have increased traffic as a result, increased noise pollution and has anyone measured the quality of our air recently? But hey, maybe that’s the ‘booming’ economy they’re on about.

All this makes me question, how do we measure this ‘booming’ economy? Is it the success of big business moving into our town paying ordinary people a low wage, or the inflation of house prices which means people owning their own home is impossible, or perhaps doing road works to widen the roads for their lorries to pass through and as result making peoples journeys from one end of town to the other take double the amount of time, or maybe its EDF giving money to a council to place a swing or two in a park… I’m not so sure.

⭐️Perhaps the powers that be need to start paying more attention to the wellbeing of our people and rethink how we measure the success of the economy⭐️

NOT an image of Hinkley

This view is my own, please feel free to tell me your thoughts and remember, be polite 🙂

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